Crab Apples 3D .STL File

Crab Apples 3D .STL File
Crab Apples 3D .STL File
Crab Apples 3D .STL File
Crab Apples 3D .STL File
Crab Apples 3D .STL File
Crab Apples 3D .STL File
Crab Apples 3D .STL File
Crab Apples 3D .STL File
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Crab Apples .stl designed by Gayle Wray
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Fem Furious heels designed by Gayle Wray for a 22" Angelina Cloth Art Doll. Angelina dolls are created from my "Making Angelina" instructional manual available on this site.
  • downloadable low poly .STL file for use with your 3D printer.
  • works with both ABS and PLA filaments.
  • printed shoes are NOT included.

Shoe Features:
Not for the faint of heart, you'll paint the town burgundy in these curvacious heels. Deeply fluted edges, and sweet string bows over keyhole peeps, add up to rockabilly fabulousness.

THIN HEEL TIP ADVISORY: A low profile "X" has been placed at the base of this heel for added support during the printing process. To remove each shoe from the print bed, loosen one side of the shoe front base and its heel only slightly then pry both up simultaneously to avoid heel breakage. Bend each tab up and down several times to break them away rather than pulling them off which could remove the bottom-most layer of the heel. If damage occurs during the removal process reattach with super glue.

*Shoes are printed in a single filament color. Colors and textures shown are a suggested finished look.
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