The doll-making journey begins decades before you even know it, by gathering a lifetime of seemingly unrelated skills, which one day collide, causing complete and total harmony. - GW

A doll maker is made over a time, often without him or her knowing. We are drawn to certain areas of study and gain new skills which seem quite random at the time. It is only when we look back over a lifetime of hobbies and interests which can span decades that we're able to view the network of delicate connections that we've made. It can be a long road, so if you're a young doll maker, you're very lucky to have figured it out young. For the rest of us who found the path in our 50's or later, it's no less special. We've a lifetime of imagery and beauty to draw upon.

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One-of-a-Kind Collectables

I lovingly hand-make each OOAK all-cloth art doll; each one special in its own way and so much fun to pose. I hope you'll find something here to put a smile on your face.

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