Questions I often get asked ...

Q. What type of fabric do you use for your dolls and is the face fabric different?
A. I use regular 100% cotton quilting fabric like Kona for the entire doll. I prewash it on the delicate cycle, with fabric softener. Dry it with a fabric softener sheet and iron it before use. I like the fabric to behave during the construction process and glide under the presser foot nicely.

Q. Do you sell patterns for your dolls?
A. I don't sell my patterns yet, but I always refer those that ask to one of my original inspirations in the field of doll making, Patti Culea. She's done such a great job laying out the methods and documenting the construction of a cloth doll. Her DVD's are readily available and ship quickly.

Q. What stitch length and thread do you use to sew the dolls body?
A. I use 1.5 for machine sewing the body of my dolls. The thread used is regular polyester covered cotton.

Q. What thread do you use for the hand-stitched portions of your dolls, which stitch do you use?
A. I use only strong thread, polyester covered cotton (never nylon) that cannot easily be broken by hand when pulled. For closing my seams that show, I use a ladder stitch, but I pull to make the wavy lines and then I hide the knot by pulling it through a hole made by a very thick upholstery needle I call "Spike".

Q. What type of jointing do you use for your dolls arms and legs?
A. I use teddy bear jointing. There are many YouTube videos showing the techniques used for this type of jointing and a variety of hardware options that are available.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration for your dolls?
A. Old Hollywood calls me; also I love vintage Anita smoker dolls and bed dolls in general. I try to create new versions of the ones I love. I don't promote smoking, but I find them historically interesting and valuable contributions to the ever thinning pool of smoker and vintage dolls available.

Q. Do you use paint for your faces and how do you make it permanent?
A. I use only dry media to make my faces. I prefer Prismacolor pencils and gel pens. I seal it in with a fixative spray like the kind that is used for charcoal or paints.

Q. What tools would you find it impossible to live without as a doll maker?
A. Small turning tubes for the fingers, Hemostats large and small for a lot of purposes, disappearing ink pens in purple, and magnifying glasses!

Q. Where do you get your shoes?
A. I'm making more and more of my shoes because I just can't find the styles I really want in the colors or sizes I need. It's not easy, but if you plan to stick to doll making, it's a skill you'll need to gain at some point.

Q. Do you make custom dolls?
A. I do make custom dolls based on your concept and ideas. Portrait dolls are another favorite of mine. I enjoy working with a person to capture a likeness of them, which will live on in doll form. We can discuss in depth all the key details that will make their doll special. Facial expression, coloring and outfit and hair are all vital parts of making a whimsical likeness.

A custom stand is included with all my dolls.

Contact me regarding my schedule and payment plan and lets begin this fun journey!


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I lovingly hand-make each OOAK all-cloth art doll; each one special in its own way and so much fun to pose. I hope you'll find something here to put a smile on your face.

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