Custom-ordered and Portrait Dolls

Custom-ordered Dolls:
I'm often asked to make a special doll for someone wanting to add a favorite celebrity to their collection. Over time I've made so many well known stars and historical figures like Bettie Page, Louise Brooks, Marilyn Monroe, and Marie Antoinette.

If you have an idea like this for a special doll, contact me. For these dolls, since they take at least a month to complete, we can discuss a payment plan as well.

Portrait Dolls:
These are another favorite of mine. I enjoy working with a person to capture a likeness of them, which will live on in doll form. We can discuss in depth all the key details that will make their doll special. Facial expression, coloring and outfit and hair are all vital parts of making a whimsical likeness. A custom stand is included with all my dolls, although your special doll might be much happier to sit and lounge in a more relaxed pose.

Contact me regarding my schedule and payment plan and lets begin this fun journey!

One-of-a-Kind Collectables

I lovingly hand-make each OOAK all-cloth art doll; each one special in its own way and so much fun to pose. I hope you'll find something here to put a smile on your face.

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